Arrange your money matters SMART before you become legally incapacitated

Avoid going to court

Prevent your wishes from not being recorded

Prevent the personal contribution to the nursing home

Jeopardizes the continuity of your company

Why do people want to arrange this?​

Imagine that you can no longer speak as a result of a cerebral haemorrhage. Your partner or loved one should then arrange the money matters. Such as your company or sale of the house. The problem?
Your signature is required. But because of the cerebral hemorrhage you can’t put it because you are then mentally incompetent..
There remains one solution to be able to continue things.
Your partner or loved one needs permission from the subdistrict court judge. And that has quite a few consequences.


For actions and transactions above € 1,500, you need permission from the subdistrict court judge.


You must submit an annual account to the subdistrict court judge for all income and expenditure.


It jeopardizes the continuity of your company. Because here too you will have to deal with the subdistrict court judge.

What now?

It may be recognizable that you procrastinate such things. Because where should you start? Taking the step to the notary may be too big. Chances are that you do not understand what is in the legal deeds and what can be done with them. And is the civil-law notary a good conversation partner for you?

You are also unsure about how to explain these things to your family. What do you tell about:

  • When they can use the power of attorney
  • How they can prevent their own contribution to the nursing home
  • What they can and can’t do

We can help you

To get 100% control over the situation that you are still there, but
 don’t remember it.

Our approach is personal

That is why customers experience the conversations with our advisors as a warm shower.

We are involved, personal and we explain things in simple language. As a result, you really understand what it is about and you gain more control over your life. The result is also that you can be 100% sure that your loved ones know what to do if you become legally incapacitated.

And we go one step further.

We also do this for you

Written advance directive

You can have your wishes recorded for medical situations. Consider, for example, the situation that you are legally incompetent and no longer want to be treated for incurable diseases. Or even if you are considering euthanasia. We help you to record your wishes.

Saving own contribution

How would you like it if you came into a care home and then had to pay a monthly personal contribution of approximately € 2,500 per month to the care home? 

How would that feel?

We make sure this cannot happen to you.


Guidance to notary

We take everything off your hands. 

Because you can use our guidance to the notary. In this way you are always 100% sure that the approach is very thorough and that you are completely relieved.

What do you think of that?


Your guarantees

Satisfaction guaranteed

In almost all cases, our customers are grateful and very satisfied with our services. That's why we promise: not good, money back.

100% independent

We are completely independent and do not sell any financial products. We are 100% transparent and averse to vague fees, commissions or hourly rates.

What our customers say

Do you want control over the situation that you are still there but don't remember it?

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