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We help entrepreneurs, employees and seniors make important private money choices in life. 

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Sober in approach, modern in service

We are wealth planners for people who feel responsible for their future and want certainty about later. We make your future visible and advise from A to Z about your total, personal, financial situation. We do this in a modern, visual way so that you know exactly where you stand.

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Wealth Planning SMART

Smart advice processes on common asset questions

Wealth Planning SAFE

To make difficult choices about later easy


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Continuous guidance from your wealth planner


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In almost all cases, our customers are grateful and very satisfied with our services. That’s why we promise: not good, money back.

100% independent

We are completely independent and do not sell any financial products. We are 100% transparent and averse to vague fees, commissions or hourly rates.

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Accessible advice on important asset matters.


No more uncertainty about your financial future.


Always a fixed asset planner at your disposal.