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Your own confidant

Step by step all your money matters from A to Z

Independent guidance to asset management

Always a fixed asset planner at your disposal

We guide you to realize your wishes for now and later

Do you also experience this in practice ?​

Puzzle pieces

Your wealth situation is like a puzzle. However , your advisors always think and act from puzzle pieces .


You feel that your current advisor does not know what you really value about your assets and your personal future.

No insight

You feel uneasy about your own future. You lack insight and rely on advice that you do not really know what it means for you financially.


Do you know where you want to go?

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
So what does it start with? Exactly… By understanding your ideas and goals for later. For example, what do you think is important about your own future? What are your concerns? What is your dream scenario?
So have you ever had a penetrating, professional and good conversation about your own personal future?
Wouldn’t it therefore be nice if you could clarify your own dot on the horizon?
We guide you to realize your wishes for now and later.

That's why our service "TOGETHER" exists

To guide you from A to Z to realize your wishes and goals with
the help of a permanent, expert, financial adviser

Peace of ​ mind and continuity

As a kind of director, we provide direction and guidance. We also advise you on situations such as death and legal incapacity and take matters off your hands. We ensure that everything is perfectly arranged, including optimization and tax savings.


a fixed asset planner (online) is always available


your privacy is of course 100% guaranteed


a fixed asset planner (online) is always available

We also do this for you

Oversee the whole picture

Your permanent confidant will help you to see the forest through the trees again.

From a helicopter view you gain insight into your total financial situation to make difficult choices easy.

You will receive an annual update of your estate planning so that you can be sure that you can continue to realize your wishes and always experience peace of mind.


Wealth guidance

We are 100% independent and guide our clients towards the most suitable asset management solutions that match your situation and wishes.
Is your assets currently in a savings account doing nothing? Then realize that your assets are worth less and less due to inflation.
If you are therefore thinking about investing, it is nice if you know someone who is completely independent and can help you in the jungle of asset managers.
Thanks to our guidance, you will in many cases receive a substantial discount on the asset management rates because we take a lot of work off your hands.


No more worries if something happens to you

Even if you are no longer there or if you become legally incompetent, you want to have your affairs arranged.
As a confidential advisor, we advise you step by step on these sensitive subjects and guide you to the notary. We also act as advisors for the children if desired.

Your guarantees

Satisfaction guaranteed

In almost all cases, our customers are grateful and very satisfied with our services. That's why we promise: not good, money back.

100% independent

We are completely independent and do not sell any financial products. We are 100% transparent and averse to vague fees, commissions or hourly rates.

What our customers say

Financial advantages

Low costs

Returns are unpredictable, but low costs are a fact. We offer you solutions at the lowest cost in the market.

Tax savings

Did you know that in many cases tens of thousands of euros in inheritance tax can be saved with a good will and the right prenuptial agreement?

Private or eg?​

Assets in private or in the company? It makes a world of difference in the long term in the taxes to be paid.

Do you want to be 100% unburdened?

Then click below and take the first step towards peace of mind.

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SAFE: geen financiële onzekerheid meer over nu en later


SLIM: online adviezen over belangrijke vermogenszaken


SAMEN: jouw eigen vermogensplanner staat altijd voor je klaar

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Drs. / MSc Insurance


Drs. / MSc Fiscal Economics


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Federation of Financial Planners


Estate Planning Specialist


Certified Financial Planner®


Bachelor of Pensions Life Assurance

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