Arrange money matters before you pass on

Avoid family quarrels

Reduce uncertainty about your old will

Save thousands of euros in inheritance tax

Manage your will and all the assets

Do you know what is in your will?

In our practice we meet many people who have had a will drawn up in the past. We then ask if they still know what is in the will.

“We have a surviving will”, is the answer.

When we then ask what it means exactly when they die, they are unable to answer.

Logical too. Because a will is:


Hardly anyone is able to understand a will unless you are a legal specialist.


When was the last time you thought carefully about what will happen (financially) when you die?

Not a daily topic

When was the last time you thought carefully about what will happen (financially) when you die?

This is also important

A surviving will also ensures that your partner receives the euros (and not, for example, the children). That is usually well arranged. But did you also know that you can arrange your will entirely on the basis of your personal financial situation?

Therefore, the following things may also be wise to consider:

  • The cold side: to inherit or not to inherit?
  • Who is the executor in your will?
  • Do you want clarity or flexibility with your will?

We help you with peace of mind and certainty

In plain language, we help you from A to Z so that you are reassured about
what will happen when you die

We go one ​step further

It is often not known that you can save a lot of inheritance tax with a modern will. That is why we show you exactly how much inheritance tax you can save, down to the euro. The cost savings are in most cases (tens of) thousands of euros. In order to save inheritance tax, it can sometimes be wise to change your marital status.

That is why we also discuss this with you:

  • Adjust prenuptial agreements or not?
  • Community of goods to adapt or not?
  • What is the marital status of your children?
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Do you also want...

Realizing wishes and dreams

Realizing your wishes and dreams starts with a good and also unique conversation.

After all, how often do you talk to a reliable, independent and expert sparring partner about your ideal future? 

With this conversation we enable you to determine your ideal dot on the horizon, to name your (naughtiest) dreams and to discuss feelings about your personal future.

Thanks to our many years of conversation experience, we guarantee you a unique experience that is fully focused on your personal and financial situation.


Save tax

Avoid the interference of the subdistrict court judge and the personal contribution of the care home. 

Arrange your financial and medical affairs and relieve your loved ones of unpleasant situations such as dementia, cerebral haemorrhage or coma.

Financial independence

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you sometimes forget what is really important. Now and in the future.
With our targeted approach you gain insight and feeling about your own future, accurate to the euro.
This means that you get 100% clarity about your own overall financial situation and how you can optimize it to achieve your financial independence.
Do you also want to stop working earlier?
Do you also want certainty about later?

Your guarantees

Satisfaction guaranteed

In almost all cases, our customers are grateful and very satisfied with our services. That's why we promise: not good, money back.

100% independent

We are completely independent and do not sell any financial products. We are 100% transparent and averse to vague fees, commissions or hourly rates.

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