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Insight, peace of mind and certainty about your finances

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We give you independent encouragements

What can we help you with?

Selling your company, stopping work, inheritance, building up wealth, suddenly being wealthy, incapacity, death? These are exciting moments in your life that raise many questions. We are here to help you with this.

100% independent

We make your future visible. Accurate to the euro. So that you can be sure that you are making the right choices about your own future.


In the jungle of asset managers, we guide you in your search for the most suitable party for you at the lowest costs.

Contemporary advice

We do not provide thick reports that cost many hours (and therefore euros). We do what is best for you, in your interest, at a fair price and in a modern way.

Advice on your overall financial situation​

From a to Z. We always analyze your financial situation with a helicopter view, so that we cannot miss anything. You will then receive a photo of your current situation and a film about your own personal future.

Satisfaction guaranteed

In almost all cases, our customers are grateful and very satisfied with our services. That's why we promise: not good, money back.

100% independent

We are completely independent and do not sell any financial products. We are 100% transparent and averse to vague fees, commissions or hourly rates.

We are there for you when you hope so

And in the moments you might not expect.

To be encouraged

You want to do something for your retirement, but you don’t know where to start and what to take into account. We give you independent encouragements.
Pension statements. Mortgage. Securities portfolio. Capital insurance. Annual figures. declarations. We bring it back to the core. So that you understand it at a glance.

If you want less complexity

If you want to take action

You want that new home so bad. Or help your children. Start investing. Or maybe start a company. But you want to make sure it’s okay so you can finally take the plunge.
In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we sometimes forget what is really important. Now and in the future. We take everything off your hands and ensure your financial independence.

If you want to save time

If you want to make your partner happy

Sometimes one is worried. And not the other. Surprise your partner with an investment in yourself. An experience that will make your partner happy and take away worries.
People often have a reasonable picture of their own future. But want to have that confirmed by an independent and knowledgeable professional. Wealth planning is the ideal instrument for this.

If you want to be reassured...

What suits you best?


Accessible advice on important asset matters.


No more uncertainty about your financial future.


Always a fixed asset planner at your disposal.